Gnawing uncertainty

It’s almost midnight. Yet I have this compulsive urge to write something.

Write what? Well – that’s a haze.

Some days, life seems like a menacing grarrl- uncertain, intimidating, I feel lost without a clue; where I am heading, what the next step of my life would be. I fidget and try to escape -which I can do quite successfully for a while and then it’s back on square one.

Yet, uncertainty is an unyielding fact of life – and so, as Oliver Burkeman suggests in his book “The Antidote” it is perhaps most wise to accept and embrace the uncertainty – along with the other negatives which we cannot evade in life – as much as we try.

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Can you handle your New Year Resolutions?

With New Year come new resolutions. Yet those Resolutions barely last a month before they are buried into the unconscious part of our brains. Statistics show that only 8 percent of individuals who make New Year resolutions are able to achieve them. So, what is it that our enthusiasm-filled pledges wane within weeks?

The problem could be with either the resolutions themselves – i.e. too general or lofty. Or it could be with your mental attitude towards the resolutions.

The solution?

Here is a quick checklist of what your resolution and mental attitude towards resolutions should be like.

Resolution must be specific rather than a general statement. For instance, I’ll lose 12 pounds in the coming year, one pound in each month. This will make the resolution not only easier to achieve but also, it’ll be more manageable and the progress can be recorded.

Do not aim too high. For instance, if you aim at losing 25 pounds within a year; you would probably get overwhelmed by the work you’ll need to do for it. And as a consequence, when you do not see things going as you wished they would; you would quit the effort altogether!

As for the right mental attitude, it important to keep yourself motivated. You could join a support group or like-minded people; who would inspire you to achieve your goals.

Last, but not the least; the most important to-do of any resolution – the belief that you CAN. It literally is the foundation of any thought, idea, action or habit. And thus perhaps the sole trigger to success!

Happy New Year – Wish you all wise and successful resolutions!

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On being “yourself”

People will never give you space to be who you are. There are always expectations – whether it’s parents, teachers, friends or any random acquaintance. Learning to break free of those chains of expectations is vital in order to bring out the person you actually are.

I believe disappointing others can not be helped since pleasing everyone is just impossible; however, the essential thing is not to disappoint yourself!

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My first ever post in my own blog!

I hope this will be the place where my ideas bloom and thoughts shine. Image

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